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Two day short term car insurance

 There are often situations when you might need a little extra insurance. If you need to drive someone else’s car or, perhaps, you have people needing to use your own vehicle, finding additional cover is important. Fortunately short-term car insurance for just 2 days is now available, meaning that you can get extra insurance at a very competitive cost.

Why buy short-term cover?

Short-term insurance is there to provide supplemental cover when the right situation arises; perhaps when you need another car for a short while for going on holiday or moving house. Temporary cover normally starts from a minimum of one day and lasts up to 28 days. If you’re moving house, then you might want to use a friend’s larger car. Or perhaps you want them to be able to drive your vehicle to ferry your belongings back and forth between properties. In such a scenario, car insurance for 2 days is perfect, allowing you to purchase affordable cover to make life that little bit easier. Alternatively, if you’re going on holiday, you could use short-term insurance so that the driving responsibilities can be shared amongst more drivers.

What qualifications are required?

Like other car insurance, there are a number of restrictions on temporary cover, so it’s vital to ensure you’re suitable. Firstly, a full licence issued from the UK, EEA or EU is necessary. Without this licence, you won’t be able to drive other people’s cars and they can’t be added to your insurance either. In addition, whilst provisional licence holders can find short-term car insurance, it’s important to get this from the right source to ensure a policy’s validity.

Which vehicles are covered?

Every insurer has a list of cars that be covered and this usually includes most modern vehicles on the UK's roads. Whilst cars that have been modified to suit those with disabilities can be insured, vehicles altered in the post-manufacturing period simply for performance or cosmetic gain, are likely to be unsuitable.

What does it cost?

Like most permanent policies, the costs and availability of policies will be affected by your age and the vehicle you’re driving.

Where to find and buy insurance

The best place to find short-term car insurance is online, where a variety of websites can be compared to find affordable and comprehensive cover. If you have your details to hand, then getting a quote is extremely quick and easy. It’s a good idea to start looking for temporary car insurance a while before you need it, ensuring that you can find the cover, apply and get the go ahead, long before the required start date arrives.

Use temporary cover to your advantage

There are many times when using a policy like this can save you both time and money. If a group of you are going on holiday, taking two or more cars can be expensive. Using a temporary policy to insure an extra driver or use a larger car is often far cheaper in the long run. Likewise, if you only need cover for a day or two, using  temporary insurance offers increased flexibility without large costs.

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